september writings.



09:30pm Do you ever ransack your entire kitchen looking for something to satisfy your taste buds, but nothing seems right, so you sigh and pour yourself a glass of water instead? Because I'm beginning to wonder if this is how I end up so skinny.

07:13pm Sometimes, I love my friends so much that it hurts.

And then there's those times where you have violent fantasies about stabbing your Honors English teacher over and over, until there's no more homework and everyone runs around free and happy and homework-less and my dad just came in and told me that he met someone today with the last name of Poochlick and I must say that I love that last name and I also am enjoying this dreadful run-on sentence... that is all.

05:42pm Well it's about damn time that my stupid server let me update. I've been trying to for days... but now I have to go yell at my BESTEST friend Adam for getting drunk this weekend. Tsk tsk.


06:18pm Yesterday, I saw this stuntperson on TV. I don't really know what he was doing as a stunt, but he was talking on TV, and he was just so stupid. And I realized how much I hope that someday I'll be watching TV, and a stuntsperson will be on it, talking about something really stupid. And I hope that I recognize the person from someone I knew a long time ago. And I'll laugh. Hard.

06:02pm Nothing of importance happened today. So... I'll name my 5 favorite songs. This list changes every day, but today they are (in no particular order):

1. Saves The Day - "Shoulder To The Wheel"
2. Mates Of State - "Everyone Needs An Editor"
3. Bright Eyes - "The Centre Of The World"
4. Mates Of State - "I Have Space"
5. Thursday - "How Long Is The Night"


05:33pm Autumn technically began yesterday, but who the hell could tell with this weather. 105 degrees today. THAT'S JUST LOVELY. To rebel against the sun, I wore a sweater today. It better change its ways soon... or else.

Ryan and I have continued our ankle-grabbing and growling routine. It's become a big hit with the freshman, and I even convinced a kid to call us Lunch Monsters today. Wow... good thing I'm not a loser or anything.

Word. Tyler's got a blog of his own now.

Today felt like Friday.


08:47pm We got new badminton uniforms and I feel like a total hoochie mama in them.

My mom bought the spray kind of butter (I shuddered when I found this out), but I must admit... I can't believe it's not butter!

05:21pm At lunch, Ryan and I have been reduced to sitting in the middle of the hallway (which, by the way, is a very awkward spot) for our own amusement. Sometimes we reach out at random people and grab their ankles, and we say "Grrr!" Our goal is to be known as The Lunch Monsters by the end of the year.


12:45pm To make up for all the empty space in this blog, here is a whole new album of never before seen pictures (that makes it sound exclusive, huh?). Enjoy.

09-06 Album : Turtles
09-07 Album : Amanda's Party
09-08 Album : Church Show
09-11 Album : Half-Day Pictures
09-11a Album : Up Syndrome Show
09-16 Album : Everwood Premiere


08:34pm In the beginning of the year, lunch was actually very decent. But now, the most exciting thing that happens is Ryan and I shouting at ghetto kids and asking if they like chocolate as much as we do. This is very very sad.

08:02pm I'm tired. So tired.

07:25am HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELSEA W!! You're my most favorite Urban Troop Dance Team member in the whole wide world!


07:28pm Just got back from a badminton "pasta night". I think I would enjoy badminton more if there weren't so many required group events. Anyway, the food was good and some people were surprisingly entertaining, so it wasn't all bad. However, I practically kicked the front door off its hinges when they started a dance circle in the backyard. I bolted immediately.

Today I drew a robot on my hand today and named him Henry.


08:50pm And I know some of the words, but I wouldn't dare sing along. It's all too good for things like that.


05:37pm In Biology today, we played a game on the computers entitled Cellular Pursuit. This pleased me very much, even though it WAS Biology. I got stuck being partners with this girl that I don't know. She told me to type my name in the computer under Player 1. So, naturally, I put in "C-dawg" and my partner gave me a very strange look, but I showed her who was boss in Cellular Pursuit (me, duh), so too bad for her. Later, I saw my partner in the halls and I gave her the punk rock sign and said, "CELLULAR PURSUIT!" She then walked away in a hurried fashion. Is it bad to find such amusement in watching people be afraid of me?

Quote of the day: "I was gonna do that, but I figured I'd go to hell. But now you've done it instead, so you're going to hell. See you there!" -Tyler, after I gave him a poster (it was advertising a church event) I stole from school.

Second quote of the day: "We need to just have a really HARDCORE practice today." -Lydia, the badminton captain. I laughed my ass straight off when she said this to us today.

PS - I found the cowardly, military-time watch today and am wearing it proudly.


05:36pm I don't have anything to say. Except that I'm in love with "I Have Space" by Mates Of State, and I stumbled upon a pretty amusing Anti Avril Lavigne article.

"And let's not forget the fake tattoos she wears on her arms. Cause that's like, ya know, sooo totally hardcore. Let me go draw a big skull and crossbones on my arm so that I can be punk too. Please." - This site.

07:33am Tom Jones rocks my world.


04:01pm I realized today that I have three main pet peeves:

1) When it's Friday and teachers say "tomorrow" but they mean Monday. Well, that's not the pet peeve. What bugs me is that kids get so upset when teachers say that. And everyone goes "You mean MONDAY!" Argh.
2) Whenever anyone says "brain fart". That is the most disgusting expression ever.
3) The girl that sits next to me in Journalism and refuses to shut her mouth.

07:36am When Adam and I got to the show last night, there was not a person there. Really, there wasn't. After a few minutes, we got talking to the owner of the place and he said that Up Syndrome was at Subway. So Adam and I wandered around for 20 minutes in the dark of downtown Mesa until we spotted them. Hoorah. They played a great set, and I got to sing into the microphone a lot, which I'm sure was annoying for everyone else, but that's just too bad. By the end of the show, a whopping 12 people (literally) had showed up. Up Syndrome only made $40, which doesn't even cover gas money, so that's definitely gotta suck. I got some groovy pics, but my computer is being stupid and not letting me put them on the site. So... later, I suppose.


07:30am Remember my watch that got magically switched to military time? Yes, of course you do. Well I lost it a few days ago. This made me sad, because I liked that watch a lot, even if it WAS mean to me. I was even getting used to subtracting 18 minus 12 to come to the realization that it was indeed 6pm. Last night the alarm on the watch went off, and it started beeping from an unknown location. I searched and I searched but it would not show itself. The coward.

07:23am I started watching the news this morning, and soon I had changed the channel to Full House. The news is sad, and so is the fact that I willingly watched Full House.


07:52pm Our team kicked badminton butt today, so that was pretty cool. I said "holla" after every point I scored and that would make a total of 22 times. Now that calls for a HOLLA BACK Y'ALL. Yeah, no wonder my team hates me. It's not my fault that I refuse to donate money to get dresses to be our uniforms. Okay, so maybe that IS my fault, but too bad. Badminton rebel is me, beeyatch.


05:36pm Dude, what the hell.

05:00pm On Saturday, my watch magically got switched to military time. You know, with all the 18:00 times and stuff like that. I don't like it one bit, and I can't figure out how to change the damned thing back.

If I plan to have a good freaking time at the Nile seeing my friends Up Syndrome on September 11, does this make me a bad person? Too bad, because it's gonna be a-rockin'.

A boy on my buddy list just signed on and off a total of 27 times in a row. This is unbelievable. BJ: your computer is a piece of shit and it's not going to let you sign on, so just stop. Now would be preferable, and have a swell day.


12:44pm Friday was fun, Saturday was fun, and tonight will be fun. What a nice weekend, really.


03:57pm I just changed the layout (not really, but sort of). Instead of the picture of me (that I was getting really sick of), it's now a picture I just took of my turtle named Hat. Hat is cool. If he's in the backyard and he sees me, he'll follow me. And he lets me pet his big turtle head.

03:15pm I really love the rain. I'm thinking about trying to go take some pictures, but I don't wanna get my camera wet. That could be disastrous, not to mention a quick way to put 200 dollars down the drain. Ah hell, I'll go try and take some anyway.

"It started to rain but we didn't care. Every word that was spoken held onto the air." -Pretty Girls Make Graves


05:19pm Tetanus shots hurt. Mint oreos taste exactly like girl scout Thin Mints. The name song keeps getting stuck in my head ("chelsea chelsea bo belsea, banana fanna fo felsea..."). Buying Amanda a gigantic hot pink dolphin balloon for her birthday to carry around at school all day is mean, but hilarious at the same time. I still hate my Biology class. I still love Journalism. Random random random.

PS - The essay I did last night (this morning, technically) wasn't due until tomorrow, as it turns out. God damnit.

12:29am It is technically the day after yesterday now, and this scares me because I'm only halfway done with an essay due tomorrow, I mean today. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when you procrastinate and do all the things you don't need to do instead of doing your homework. Like I'm doing right now. BAH!


05:17pm I feel like crap but I had fun today. Here is why. Journalism was good times as always. I actually understand what we're doing in Geometry. Spanish... well... okay, so that class sucked, but I refused to let it put a damper on my day. Lunch was fun because Sam had to type something in the library, so I went with her and who do I see laying down in a corner behind a bookshelf? The lovely Chelsea W! I went to say hello, and soon DC joined in on the King Arthur book fun. Biology and World History were easy, and then Honors English, Amanda and I got swept on purpose so we wouldn't have to turn in the rough drafts of our essays that we didn't have.

For those of you that don't have a prison for a school, we have this new tardy procedure where if you're late for class, you have to go to the special "sweep" classroom and do nothing for an hour instead of going to class. It wasn't that bad at all. The mexican girls kept calling the teacher a gringo, and he would argue that he was more mexican than they would ever be. It was actually pretty entertaining, even though I know I won't be nearly as amused the second time around.

Hey hey hey. Rainer Maria - "I'm Melting" is a nice song.


09:51pm Amanda likes stamps! That is all.

07:13pm The air conditioner in our school broke today so all the classes were sweltering hot and it made me rather crabby. Whenever I saw someone fanning themself with a piece of paper, I felt like we were all in a western movie waiting for church to start. I saw a girl that I don't know very well by the lockers and, in a western accent, I asked her "when the service was going to begin". She looked at me strangely, but I had a good laugh and that's all that really seemed to matter at the time.

For Adam : KUDOS!


07:57pm Mom took me to go get some black hair dye today (mine is fading). In a joking tone, she said to me, "Alright, I'll buy this for you. Just don't look too goth for your school picture, ya hear?" I said, "That could be a problem. You see, this year I was planning on wearing black and not smiling at all. Especially in school pictures." My mom gasped, and said, "Chelsea!" Then I had to explain to her that I was kidding. If anyone sees my mom, be sure to congratulate her on getting to know me so well.

I went driving tonight for the first time in weeks and I didn't kill anyone, just went over 3 curbs and missed a stop sign. How's that for accomplishment?


10:25am I've been listening to "Haligh Haligh A Lie Haligh" by Bright Eyes for about 3 days now, which is pretty wierd. But it's a great song, so there.

Need... to... get... out... of... house... NOW. I hate Sundays.