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These are all answered by Chelsea H. Email me your question and I will be happy to answer it: thestargerl@hotmail.com

What's with the name?
I'm glad you asked. You see, one day Chelsea M and I were sitting in our World History class, enjoying ourselves (as usual). Our teacher, Mr. Leathers, is quite the character and he's been known to make us laugh hard. Very hard, in fact. So he was talking about how Columbus destroyed all these Native Americans' homes. In the process of telling this story, Mr. Leathers accidentally made the best rhyme Chelsea and I had ever heard: "So then Columbus pillaged the villages." I looked to Chelsea and said, "BEST BAND NAME EVER!" She agreed. And then we decided to make a band.

Are you trying to be like The Donnas or something?
NO. We liked The Donnas 2 years ago, but then we started liking good music. Both of us were born with the name Chelsea. It is no gimmick.

Who writes the songs?
Both of us do. And please know that we are usually falling out of our chairs laughing when we are writing songs, so don't take them seriously.

Why are you so hot?
We can't help our degree of hotness. And even if we could control it, we'd probably still be hotter than you. YEAH I SAID IT.

What's with all the exclamation marks?
Who! Knows! It! Just! Makes! Everything! So! Much! More! Exciting! Oh! My! God!