october writings.



03:23pm During first hour today, a teacher's fog machine made the fire alarm go off, so we all went outside. During this standing around time, Chelsea W and I decided that we are going to dress up as ninjas tonight and terrorize the neighborhood. How marvelous!

Oh yeah, and my World History teacher let us watch Hercules and he gave us candy and I took all the grape flavored taffy. Which is all completely relevant.


07:20pm A few random things, for your enjoyment:

My computer is up and running. Amanda and I made paper out of shredded paper and a blender (it's for an English project). If Weezer and Elliott Smith had a baby, the result would be Ben Kweller. My dinner is ready.


06:41pm I'm at the public library. This brings back memories of this summer when my computer broke and I was desperate so I would come here and update my site. My computer broke again, which is really unfair because I can't seem to find a decent computer! You'd think that the computer gods would be kind to me; I love my computers dearly. But they turn on me. THEY TURN.

The woman next to me keeps looking back over her shoulder to make sure no one is watching her. I like to think that she is on a top secret FBI mission.

Oh, and remember that Biology folder that I was complaining about yesterday? Yeah. It's gone. It wasn't at school, and it's not at my home. This made me sad, and I cried about this for a few moments today because all of my Biology notes are in there. How does one go about filling out a missing folder ad? It was forest green and it had a dentist sticker that reads, "Don't rush when you brush!" I would like it back if anyone has seen it. Reward : a great big Chelsea hug.

I think an Abercrombie model just sat down next to me. Except, I don't like Abercrombie models. They are too large and they look like they would like some sexin', and they'd like it now. (Is "sexin'" a word? If not, I just made it one. History is always in the making when I'm at the library. WOO BOY.)

Can anyone tell that I'm procrastinating an essay I am supposed to be typing right now?This library has turned all high tech and they have a timer at the top of your computer that tells you how many minutes you have left to use the computer. I'm at 47. Wait... no... 46. Goodbye.


04:26pm You know what really sucks? When you forget your Biology folder at school. And the whole reason that you ditched that class on Friday is so you could study this weekend for a test in that class. And you have a Biology project due tomorrow. Which means you'll have to ditch again. Hot damn.

11:17am Monsters Inc. is the cutest movie in the entire world. THE CUTEST.

And holy shit, it's already Sunday.


12:27pm Just when you thought I was too cheery for my own good... the show last night sucked. The only good parts were: getting to hang out in Running Late's old school RV, talking to RL's very drunk roadie named Bubba, meeting a random guy named The Puffer Kid, and helping RL carry in guitars and other gear (thus becoming one of those girls that are "with the band" that I am always insanely jealous of).


03:37pm Today was just one of those days that when you come home from school, you just think, "Wow. Today was a really great day." Nothing bad happened, and everything was just really lovely. Reasons that today was rad:

1. This morning, I made a call to California in order to talk to Hector (singer for Running Late) to see what time their show was tonight. I awoke him with my early phone call, but he said that it was okay that I woke him up, and that he couldn't wait to see me again, and it all made me so happy.
2. I'm listening to "Hard Knocked Life" by Jay-Z.
3. I ditched my fifth hour class because I had a huge test that I hadn't studied for. Therefore, I ate lunch with all my friends in fifth hour lunch! Leah ditched with me, and we hid in the bathroom for the 18 minute break between fourth hour lunch and fifth hour lunch. We hid in separate stalls and passed notes to eachother that had been written on toilet paper.
4. I saw the jock that most of my friends and I all hate. He was in a wheelchair and a cast up to his upper thigh. Talk about bad karma.
5. My World History teacher said "If you need to make your bladder gladder, do it before class please." Seriously, how cool can he get.
6. Amanda and I were going to be late for class, so I told Amanda to hold on to my backpack and I ran. I ran through the crowded hallways with my arms out in front of me, so all the lazy people would be removed from my path. It worked, and we were on time to class.
7. A great show will be played tonight at The Nile.
8. My computer screen is turning different colors, and I don't know why.

If all of these reasons don't equal greatness, I really don't know what does.


05:38pm We were getting our pictures taken today at badminton practice, and all of a sudden the photographer freaked out. He yelled, "SOMEBODY BORROWED MY BALLPOINT PEN AND I WANT IT BACK. WHOEVER BORROWED MY BALLPOINT PEN, PLEASE BRING IT BACK TO ME." Maybe it had sentimental value to him, or something. Either way, it was most entertaining.

I'm thinking about publishing a zine that I've been working on.


07:37pm This is very wierd, and pretty funny too.

07:21pm I'm talking to Jonas and I just remembered this story.

When I was 10, I thought skunks were really cool. When I was 10, I went to Prescott, Arizona to visit my grandma. We went on a walk through her neighborhood and I saw a skunk. I was so overcome with joy that I ran after it to get a closer look. "This is so cool!" is what I kept yelling as I was running through this neighborhood. At one point, I looked back at my grandma and she was wailing her arms, yelling at me to "get back this instant", and she was struggling to keep up with me. But she couldn't. And I ran after it through a field and through a backyard, until finally I said goodbye to the skunk.

My grandma stopped taking me on walks.


05:30pm After having all of last week off for our school's "fall break", we all had to wake up to alarm clocks once again this morning. As I expected, it was not pleasant at all.

I wore a knee-length black and white plaid pleated skirt today. It made we want to curtsy and say things like "It's so nice to see you again, good sir".

I talked back to my badminton coach today when he yelled at me. And that, my friends, is why they call me a HARDCORE REBEL. Can I get a hell yeah.


04:24pm I've got Tucson pictures up, as well as some other pictures that I took with some friends on Friday.

04:12pm My mom just totally crushed my station wagon dreams.

ME: Mom! Mom! Stephanie just called and told me that her friend is selling his station wagon for $800! Stephanie says that it's in really good shape, but her friend just wants to get rid of it, so he's selling it super cheap!
MOM: Do you have $800?
ME: No.


06:14pm The trip to Tucson began on Wednesday at about 12:30pm when Stephanie picked me up. First, we went up to Paradise Valley to see her aunt. Stephanie's cousin drove us around for a while and I thought I was going to die. The wind was in my hair as he smoked a cigarette, talked on his cell phone, and ate a burger, all while maintaining about 60 miles per hour on our way to Walgreen's. That, my friends, is simply unnecessary.

Wednesday night, I went to my first REAL party, which was a total waste of time. Girls with matching highlights and the latest Abercrombie shirts hung out with boys with big muscles and bad attitudes. I was pretty much the only sober person in the whole place, but I did have a nice conversation with a cheerleader that is also straightedge. Finally we left with Stephanie's boyfriend and he played the rap songs in his car too loud for my liking.

But it was all okay because Stephanie has a remote controlled robot and naturally, I named him Henry. I made Henry chase after Stephanie's cats, and all was well with the world again.


12:14pm I just had a somewhat strange conversation with a telemarketer.

ME: Hello?
HIM: Is Gregory Shwartz there?
ME: No, you have the wrong number.
HIM: Damnit. I'm bad at this job.
ME: I always thought that telemarketing would be a very depressing job.
HIM: Yes, yes it is. Goodbye.
ME: Bye then.

I really hope he's okay.

11:49am I'm just waiting for Stephanie to pick me up so our Tucson adventure can begin.

Q and Not U - "Nine Things Everybody Knows" is such a great song. So is Appleseed Cast - "Antihero", in case anyone's interested.


06:42pm I leave for Tucson tomorrow. I'm going to go see my friend, Stephanie, that lives down there. I have not seen her for a long time, so it should be fun. I'll be back sometime on Friday. Yep.

My to-do list for tonight:
1. Write thank-you notes to friends and family for all the lovely gifts I recieved for my birthday.
2. Dye my hair black again.
3. Finish packing for Tucson.
4. Do something about this dreadful chipped nail polish.
5. Get to sleep at a somewhat decent hour.

"I keep making these 'To Do' lists but nothing gets crossed out." -Bright Eyes

04:48pm This morning I had to take the PSAT test. How horrid it was! I had to be there at 8am, which is just unheard of, considering our school is on fall break this week (we get the week off). But I made a new friend and he said that The Get Up Kids must be kids that get up good in the morning, and that he himself was most certainly NOT a get up kid. Oh, how entertaining he was.


10:05pm Last night was Homecoming. While I was getting ready yesterday, I was thinking about how I got involved in this mess of make-up, smeared nail polish, and picking out a dress. But I ended up having a wonderful, wonderful time. I even witnessed a real DANCE-OFF, which was endlessly entertaining. I only wish I could have been a part of the marvelous dance-off, but hey, we can't have everything, can we? Afterwards, Amanda, Robert, Trevor, and I went to Trevor's house to watch The Skateboard Kid 2. That movie will never, ever get old to me.

Last night at about 6pm, I was all ready to go, but it was still too early. In a random fit of nervousness, I took another mirror picture. It's strange... I hardly even recognize myself.


05:23pm Best part of my day : Participating in a dance contest held during lunch by one of the worst radio stations around. And it was only funny because I'm a terrible, terrible dancer. This could be a problem, considering that Homecoming takes place tomorrow night. Well, at least I got some practice in today.

In a related story, OH MY GOD... Chelsea W rocked so hard at the assembly today. She is by far the best white girl that Urban Dance Troop has ever seen.


09:40pm "Power and the money. Money and the power. Minute after minute. Hour after hour." -Coolio, "Gangsta's Paradise"

I almost forgot how great Coolio once was. This song brings back memories of third grade or so, when this was the coolest song in the world, and there was nothing better than an afternoon full of Power 92 (local rap station).


06:16pm Being the depressed loser that I was last night, I actually sat through an entire episode of Gilmore Girls (sad, I know). You know what I heard playing in the background? Modest Mouse. MODEST FUCKING MOUSE. This is the beginning of the end of the world, I think. I had a conversation with my guitar teacher a long time ago about all this emo becoming popular (Dashboard, Get Up Kids, Saves The Day, etc) and he said, "Well, as long as you don't hear Modest Mouse on the radio anytime soon, I think we're safe." You hear that, friends? No one is safe.

To anyone that thought I was being completely serious about the "no one is safe" statement, I apologize. I was just in awe hearing Modest Mouse on a WB show about a mother and daughter that are best friends. It's just strange.

On another note, my World History teacher let me borrow his cliff notes for A Tale Of Two Cities. How cool is that?


06:43pm Why is everything so annoying when things aren't going as planned? FUCK. I'd kind of like to hit something really hard right now.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm not going to make it to the show tonight.

05:39pm In other news, I want this car real bad.

05:34pm Rides got screwed up for the Bright Eyes show tonight, and I might not be able to go. OH GOD NO.


06:56pm New picture. Hat was getting old. This is a picture I took at the Running Late show at Stratum back in August.

06:04pm Today I woke up at 6am as usual, and get this: I felt REFRESHED. How is that possible? Well friends, when you fall asleep at 6pm the night before, therefore getting 12 whole hours of sleep, you feel refreshed. Ah, it was lovely.

On Saturday night, I had a little birthday get-together (that word is so much more fun than "party"). It consisted of Amanda, Chelsea M, Kim, Adam, Tyler, Patrick, and I having gigantic amounts of fun. First we went to Organ Stop Pizza for dinner and laughed at all the white trash families that were so enthralled in the old man playing the organ. So obviously, that was just a superb setting for a birthday party. Next was Blockbuster to rent The Skateboard Kid, The Skateboard Kid 2, My Magic Dog, and Air Bud : Golden Reciever. Then we went to my house to watch the movies and played a game called Catch Phrase (very very fun), then spent the night at my house. We behaved, so my mom was pleased and we all felt very wholesome and Christian.

Click here to see all the wholesome events that took place.


04:57pm HEY ARNOLD!

01:54pm Today I went shopping for shoes at the local mall, Arizona Mills. So my mom and I were just walking by the food court when we saw a band playing on this tiny stage they had set up. My first thought was, "God, how sad for that band that they have to play gigs at malls." My second thought was, "Wait a minute... I've heard this song." Then, I stood on a chair to see over the crowd. And I stood there watching Something Corporate play.


03:47pm Now, you're probably asking yourself (well actually, you probably weren't asking yourself this, but oh well), "What does Chelsea want?" The answer to this life-altering question is: I want a white station wagon with a wood stripe on the side.

Stop laughing. Now.


06:31pm As of yesterday, I'm a year older. I had so so so much fun yesterday. Here are some things that happened:

- Amanda bought me two unnecessarily large balloons : one dinosaur and one purple killer whale
- I lost my badminton games in both singles and doubles, and I didn't mind one bit.
- Chelsea M made me aware that it was indeed 5:45 (does anyone else know what Saves The Day song I'm talking about?).
- I hung out with a friend that I have not seen since the last day of school in May. He's still as nice as I remember him to be.
- Chelsea M and I went to go see Boy Sets Fire, Atreyu, Autopilot Off, and Snapcase.
- I sang, and danced for Boy Sets Fire. 'Twas quite the event.
- A Circle K employee wished me a happy birthday and he said, "Libra, right?"
- I had a great day.


06:37pm Chelsea M and I found a book today in the library that was titled "Am I A Hindu?" For some reason, this was the funniest thing in the world.

Today my mom was hideously late in picking me up from badminton today. I had to wait outside for a long amount of time (a half hour). But oh god... autumn is here. Finally, finally. So actually I didn't mind the waiting all that much. When the sun is setting and the wind is blowing and the weather is nice for the first time in ages, it's funny how my mom being late and the marching band kids don't bother me at all.

TREVOR GOT ME SAVES THE DAY TICKETS. Oh goodness, I'm more excited than... you.

I turn 16 tomorrow!