november writings.



01:49pm Everyone that doesn't go to school with me should go order my zine this instant, because I've worked very hard on it and it's fun for the whole family! Or maybe just you. Anyway, it's not completely done yet, but you can "pre-order" one to make sure you get one SOON SOON SOON. Thanks. Have a nice day.

To everyone that DOES go to school with me, you'll get yours soon enough! You just don't have to fill out a form, that's all.


12:48pm Hey, it's Turkey Day and school is lonely without everyone there!


03:24pm Here's something I wrote for a World History assignment today: "Hi Mr Leathers. I'm thankful for my friends. They are the reason I still bother coming to school, and I love them all dearly. Also, I am thankful for music because I can make mix tapes with it. Yes."

Ryan makes me laugh too hard. BOWWOW.


03:39pm I met this boy that we call Cizzo (I think that's how you spell it... his real name is Corey) and he eats lunch with us now. I don't even think he knows my name, but we have a wierd connection to eachother because he'll say a line from a rap song, expecting his friends to know the other line. But they don't, and I do, so I flow with him and it's cooler than cool. I just wish he knew my name.


03:40pm Hello, Dove Dark Chocolate. Will you marry me?

Today was a rather blah day. One of the boys I eat lunch with started preaching about heaven and hell today at lunch. I got very annoyed. He asked me to please stop cussing in front of him. I said okay.

I get to see Your Enemies Friends tomorrow. Hell yeah.


03:15pm Just got back from seeing Bowling For Columbine. Wow. One of the best movies I've ever seen.


12:54pm Last night was huge amounts of fun. Pat, Adam, and I wanted to go to Mill Avenue (for all of you non-Arizonans, Mill Ave is this trendy little street full of coffee shops and sports bars, and basically it's just a nice place to walk) but we are without cars and licenses and parents that still want to drive us places, so that idea was out. Instead, Pat and Adam came over to my house and we decided to walk to the Mcdonald's near my house.

Me, Adam, and Pat enjoyed a fulfilling and fattening meal. I wrote a story on a napkin and we left our mark. (This hand symbol and RTS initials that you are bound to see plenty more of stand for this "club" that Pat made up. It's called Rebels To Society. Because we are HARDCORE... and... stuff.)


05:40pm According to my counter, someone found my site by going to Google and searching for "stuntsperson song". To this person: I hope you found everything you needed, and more.

03:29pm Also, I dig the new Thursday song.

03:24pm Today, my principal came on the TV and told us to stop defecating on the bathroom floors. Can you say UPPER CLASS? Damn, people. How sick do you have to be, seriously.


09:46pm As I was copying and pasting some Spark Notes into Word, I came across an email that my 13 year old sister's friend sent her. At first, it seems a little demanding and even a little rude, but it really is cute.

Good Evening, Chloe! Here's the pact I promised. If u send this back, I'll know you're my true friend. K, here goes:

1. Let no guy come between us
2. Best Friends 4ever (DUH!)
3. Tell each other everything
4. Don't let any other friends (Kimie) come between us.
5. Not get upset when one cannot spend the night
6. Not to piss each other off on purpose
7. Always support each other's ideas, no matter how crazy they are
8. Don't say bad things behind each other's backs
9. Help each other out when in need
10. Get to like each other's likes
11. Buy, or make, each other wonderful presents for B-days, X-mas, and any other holiday I may have forgotten
12. Not to fight over Tobey Maguire (he, he)

Chloe, I'll always consider you my best friend, except my sisters. So if u can think of anything I forgot, let me know. See u tomorrow. Meet me by the gates!

Your Pal Forever,

04:54pm The dentist said hello to my teeth today (well, not literally, but you get the point) and no cavities! Hoorah.

I got much too bored last night and had too much fun taking these.


09:46pm At a party on Saturday, I made up a dance and named it The Chelsea Dance. It's a pretty simple dance; all you really do is flail your limbs forcefully and clumsily about. I was outside at the badminton banquet tonight and I had this sudden urge to do The Chelsea Dance. But the mood wasn't right, and I looked nicer than usual, so I resisted the urge to boogie. The Chelsea Dance is nothing to be wasted, you know.

04:00pm "Make sure to wear something nice to the badminton banquet dinner tonight... you punker." -My mom.

03:37pm It's actually getting cold here. Phoenix has finally grown tired of it's heated ways, and is settling down for winter. This means sweaters! And blankets! And hugs that are purposeful! And songs that are more meaningful when it's cold! And so so much more!

When Ryan and I walk to our fifth hour class, we like to bark. Ruff ruff.


03:18pm Today is all about nice people. I encountered many. The mean people are surely outnumbered on this fine November day.

I came home today and the house was empty and I felt like singing. So I sang.


08:28pm I messed around with the pics section a bit. In the third photo album, there are 55 new pictures from the party last night. Uh huh.

What a dull day today has been.


10:28pm The party tonight was more fun than expected. A lot of my guy friends were there, and there weren't even that many freshman. Against Texas rocked the house, and I was very, um, excited after seeing them play. I was like WHOA.

PS - I met a nice boy named Paul (aka Mini-Greg).

11:59am I'm going to a freshman party tonight. How sad. Adam, Tyler, and Robert's band has a freshman drummer, and this drummer is having a birthday party tonight. Since the band is playing, I want to go witness their second gig ever. From 5pm-9pm I will be rocking out, for sure. It should be pretty wild. Or not.


04:16pm Bus friends are fun. We play games that are so lame, but it's the bus and no one has anything better to do, so we all love it.

Also, my school put on a great play last night titled The Man Who Came To Dinner. I enjoyed it very much, and he was wonderful in it. So was everyone else, but I don't know anyone else's website, so yeah.


03:33pm This goes along with the post I did earlier today. AJ is a boy in my journalism class, so he knows what I'm talking about.

ME: so, you wanna drive around later and take a baseball bat to everything in sight? its like, so totally emo.
AJ: let's go to a fine china store and relieve our emotions.

03:17pm Today in journalism, we were discussing this restaurant called Oscar's. They have this new rule that no one under 18 is allowed in. Supposedly they have too many broken windows and soda machines from rowdy teens, and so they decided to just rule out kids entirely. A jock in my journalism class said the funniest thing I've heard in a long time:

"It's those damn EMOS. You know... those emotional punks. They're the ones that do it."

Oh yeah, cuz after a good cry at a Dashboard show, I know that I like to take a baseball bat to every window and soda machine in sight while chanting, "DIE, OSCAR'S! DIE!" Yeah, that's pretty much what I do every weekend. Me and the rest of the EMOS.


07:00pm I just remembered something.

A few years ago, there was a huge electronics store near my house and it was called Incredible Universe. This business wasted too much money on advertising and painting logos on their trucks and soon, Incredible Universe was no more. I was too young to understand the glory of this store's name, and I really wish it was still around. If Incredible Universe was still here today, I would go to it all the time and once I was inside, I would exclaim things like, "Wow! This is one heck of an incredible universe!" Because seriously, who really thinks about possible names for their electronics store abd says, "Incredible Universe.. hmm... yes, that's it! By golly, I've got it!" What's more, they had a logo with rainbow letters. I'm sorry, good old Incredible Universe, but I don't think it's news to anyone that you are a homosexual.

03:22pm Something great happened last night: I bought "Velocity of Sound" CD by The Apples In Stereo. Big props to my homegirl Chelsea W for turning me on to this band. I listened to the whole CD last night, and then today I couldn't wait to get home from school so I could come home and listen to it again. Ah. It's all so happy and it puts me in a good mood.


08:48pm Lately, I've been wishing that I could pack all the good music I own, a few sweaters, and just leave. I want that feeling that everyone has in the summer when you're mind says, "Hm... what should I be doing right now? Oh yeah, that's right... NOTHING. Not a damn thing." The bliss that's involved with those thoughts is unexplainable.

Whoever invented homework must die.

03:12pm I haven't ridden the bus home more than once this year because I've always had badminton after school. But now I have been riding the bus home, and it's not that bad at all. Last year, bus = boredom, but this year things are different. I met this nice boy with Buddy Holly glasses and a plaid blazer. He seems nice and reminds me of Benji. I want to befriend this boy.


08:31pm Goddamn, I've been online all day.

I noticed something on Saturday: people at hardcore shows are a million times nicer than people at Saves The Day shows. Really, they are. As Chelsea W puts it, people at Saves The Day people have this elitist attitude that's like, "Get away from me. I am more emo than you." But I went to the Thrice show a few days after the Saves The Day show, and I just noticed how nice everyone is. This very tall and lanky boy barely touched my arm as he passed me at the Thrice show, and I hardly noticed. But he stopped and said, "I'm SO sorry!" I said, "No no, quite alright!" He smiled and I smiled and he walked away.

While we're at it, another thing I like about hardcore shows is the political statements that the singers of the hardcore bands give. Yes, they are corny. Yes, a lot of kids get way too into it. But sometimes I just really love a singer getting up on stage and telling us to not buy into the billboards, and that we're all beautiful the way we are. It brings everyone together, and that makes me happy.

03:02pm I made some adjustments to the girl and exit section. Yep.

12:31pm New layout (or rather, new picture at the top). Can ya dig it?

I took that picture on Friday when I was in Rob's truck. The sun was setting, I was with some of my best friends, and all was right with the world.


12:06pm This weekend has gone by way too fast. Good thing there's one more day left.

On Friday, Kim, Amanda, and I went to the movies to try and sneak into 8 Mile, so we could make fun of Eminem's surely skilled debut. However, being 16 sucks for all of us and we couldn't make it in. We sat through half of Santa Clause 2 until we turned into disturbed and angry teenagers with hit lists (first to go: everyone in the Santa Clause 2 theatre), so we decided it'd be best to leave.

Last night, Adam, Matt, and I went to go see Time In Malta, Coheed & Cambria, Hot Water Music, and Thrice. We got there an hour early so we could make sure to get our tickets. Good idea? Yes, because the line ended up being tremendously long. But the stupid venue was having problems of some sort and they didn't open the doors til 8:30, leaving us waiting outside for much too long. After pushing and shoving just to get our ticket, we were in. I enjoyed Time In Malta very much, even though Adam and Matt couldn't stand them. Coheed and Cambria was enjoyable too. They played an acoustic set because they're gear wasn't working or something. Hot Water Music was good, and Thrice was excellent.

I've been seeing some great shows lately, but they're not as special as shows once were to me. I think I've seen too many shows, and they're beginning to lose their spark. I can't let this happen. I just can't.


06:31pm Don't forget... deadline for contributions to the zine are next Friday. Send anything to me at thestargerl@hotmail.com. Things are still coming along great with the zine, I'm up to 13 pages now. So, send anything you have on in.

06:13pm Well wasn't yesterday just so much fun?

It was a half day at our school, for one thing. In English, Amanda and I finished up our project that we had been working on. We had to made our own paper and our own ink and we had to copy "scriptures" just like the monks did. Don't ask me what the purpose of this project was, because no one really knows. I don't even think our teacher knows. Anyway, here is Amanda being a total caligraphy nerd, and here is my own nifty monk setup.

After school, I walked a long ways to Taco Bell with Adam and Pat. On the way, we spotted a truck with a sticker that said "Fear This!" and we wasted no time rolling Pat's sleeves up and forcing him into this pose. Later, at Taco Bell, he continued to be incredibly sexy (sarcasm, people. SARCASM.).

Then last night was the Saves The Day show. All the opening bands were beyond terrible and they played for too long, so that was a pain. But Saves The Day was so fun, times ten. Except that I was a little upset that they did not explain why the second guitarist was not there, and why Chris (the singer) suddenly plays guitar with the band instead of just singing. Hm. Dancing is fun though.

And this day has gone by much too fast.


04:09pm Yesterday, my Biology grade was a 47%. Today, my Biology grade is a 92%. Can I get a HELL YEAH, CHELSEA YOU ROCK THE WORLD. Seriously though, come on, that's pretty fucking cool that I pulled that off.

Second coolest thing of the day: the fact that Saves The Day is coming tomorrow. Oh yes. YES.

03:50pm Being a sweater-lover in Phoenix is a tough life.

ME: i have a question for you.
JONAS: alright
JONAS: shoot buster
ME: if its too hot to wear a sweater in the sun, but its just right to wear a sweater in the shade, is it considered sweater weather?
ME: i thought i should ask someone that has experience with cold weather.
JONAS: in michigan, sweater weather is when you get goosebumps walking to the bus stop wearing a t-shirt or two.


08:32pm Okay, so it took me longer than long, but I finally have the pics section up to date. Whew.

06:25pm Amidst making ink at Amanda's house today (once again, we were working on the worst English project ever), Amanda said the greatest thing I have heard in my entire life.

"I like it when toys hurt people."


09:59pm Jonas says, "Goddamn Chelsea, I think your hormones are in full swing."

12:54pm The zine that I have been working on is coming along very nicely. I am writing most of the content, but I would like to offer this to anyone who's interested:

If anyone would like to write anything for me to publish in the zine, send it to me at thestargerl@hotmail.com by November 15. It can be about anything you like and it can be anywhere from a few sentences long to several paragraphs. At this point, I'm not promising whether you'll be published or not. I'm just offering this to anyone that's interested so I can get some variety in the zine. So, if you think you have something to say, make sure to send it my way anytime before November 15. You'll get full credit for your story if it's published, and I'll email you if I choose to put your story in the zine. WOOT WOOT.


01:38pm Last night was so so much fun. Since the ninja costumes were a very last minute idea, Chelsea W and I planned to simply wear black clothing. But I took it a step further by making a shirt, so that people would know what we were dressed as. This worked out good because after rags were added, we looked pure gangsta.

We ran around the streets, striking ninja poses whenever necessary. Later, we went back to Chelsea's house and listened to good music in the dark. This morning, I felt like this so my mother let me stay home.

Next time someone asks me what I want to be when I grow up, I'll say "a candy ninja". It would be quite a fun occupation.