july writings.



07:33pm The library is an odd place to check your email and update your site. It really is. There is a big black man in a safari hat to my left and he keeps squinting at the screen. And then there is a thin woman with curly hair to my right and she has very good posture. This is almost as fun as using the internet at home. Almost.

I went to get my schedule today at school. I have a different lunch hour than Amanda which makes me a tad bit suicidal (kidding, sort of) but I still don't know anyone else's schedules, so I'll just have to wait and see. But I must admit, lunch hours without my friends scares me.

My schedule goes like this:

1. Advanced Journalism
2. Geometry 1-2
3. Spanish 3-4
4. Lunch
5. Biology 1-2
6. World History / Geography
7. Honors English

I'm such a nerd. I couldn't go to sleep until like 3am last night (this morning?) because I was so nervous about my schedule. I get really into this stuff, and I honestly don't know why. But every year, I get a new backpack, fresh notebooks, shiny pens and pencils, and all of a sudden I'm giddy. I guess that's when you know you've had a boring summer.

I got a new stereo today! And it has a remote. Purdy.

+ TUESDAY, JULY 30 2002

01:48pm I'm at the library now. Wow I'm cool. We're supposed to get our computer back today but who knows. Anyway, I just thought I'd say hello.

I went to see Shai Hulud, From Autumn To Ashes, Evergreen Terrace, and One Fifth on Sunday. I went by myself because none of my friends are really into that music. It was a little boring by myself, but I had fun nonetheless. However, my digital camera was taken away from me and I had a mighty adventure getting it back after the show. Let me just say that those security guards are big and scary and don't take kindly to girls with new digital cameras.

In other news, The Virgin Suicides is a wierd movie. Definitely wierd, but also definitely good.

+ FRIDAY, JULY 26 2002

12:09pm First update ever. Woohoo. I'm at my grandma's and I thought I would set this baby up. Once I get my ghetto computer back from the incompetent computer guy, this will be much much better. I promise.