learn about her.

+LOOKS LIKE: 01. 02. 03

+BASICS: Chelsea Rose Hodson. Age 16. Phoenix, Arizona. 5'9". 115 lbs. Black hair. Green eyes. Freckles.

+ENJOYS: Making her mother nervous. Funny shirts. Nice boys. Beanies. Boys in beanies. Taking pictures. Looking at pictures. Dancing (terribly) at shows. Her tap dancing grandma. Making fun of music videos. Open mic nights. Making mix tapes. Receiving mix tapes. Meeting new people. Infomercials. Friends. Making a scene. Handwritten letters. People-watching. Pretty smiles. New beginnings. Fresh notebooks. Watching Tyler get The Treatment. Messy hair. Denny's vintage store.

+GOOD MUSIC: And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Ani Difranco. Appleseed Cast. At The Drive In. Beatles. Benjamins. Boy Sets Fire. Bright Eyes. Coheed and Cambria. Cursive. Elliott Smith. Emily Ayn. Deftones. Fiona Apple. Fugazi. Further Seems Forever. Get Up Kids. Glassjaw. Hot Hot Heat. Incubus. I Robot. Kind Of Like Spitting. June Spirit. Le Tigre. Mates Of State. Movielife. New Amsterdams. Old 97's. Pedro The Lion. Phantom Planet. Poison The Well. Pretty Girls Make Graves. Q And Not You. Radiohead. Rainer Maria. Recover. Refused. Rival Schools. Running Late. RX Bandits. Saves The Day. Something Corporate. This Day Forward. Thrice. Thursday. Time In Malta. Up Syndrome. Your Enemies Friends.

+GOOD MOVIES: Ghostworld. Amelie. CQ. SLC Punk. Run Lola Run. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Sixteen Candles. Bottle Rocket. The Royal Tenenbaums. Clueless. Rushmore. The Brady Bunch Movie. A Very Brady Sequel. Almost Famous. Muriel's Wedding. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The Following. Best In Show. Waiting For Guffman. Ninja Turtles II. Skateboard Kid II.

+A FEW OTHER THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW: I don't believe in God, I feel bad for telemarketers, I don't smoke or drink, I like robots and lipgloss a lot, I don't do my homework, and there's nothing more I hate than mean boys.

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+ EMAIL : thestargerl@hotmail.com
+ AIM : the chelsonator