august writings.



04:03pm And like a miracle, I finally got a guestbook.

02:02pm In case DC and Chelsea W are wondering, this is how I stumbled upon both of your sites:

1) Chelsea M told me about DC's blog site.
2) I went there, was entertained, and then clicked on the link that led me to Chelsea W's site. And then there I was.

I just want to say muchas gracias to Chelsea W for linking me, and to DC for saying those nice things about me on your blog. DC, you saying that my site is entertaining is like, the compliment of the year, because frankly, I find you hilarious. This is sort of funny, because I dont even think that DC knew that I read his site. But now he does, so there we are.

01:16pm Last night I went over to Amanda's house. We watched Sex In The City tapes, ate halloween themed marshmallow peeps, drank iced tea, and played with her cat. That's when we realized that we were middle aged single women trapped in teenage bodies. Click here, but don't tell Amanda, because her imprisoned middle aged soul might murder me for exposing the truth.


09:55pm My mom bought me some cough syrup for this nasty cough I've been having lately. On the label, it says, "Makes coughs more productive." I would hand over a crisp 5 dollar bill to anyone that could tell me what this means. If only I had a 5 dollar bill.

06:11pm Man, I'm tired. Today was pretty boring, but still not too bad. I brought my camera to school today for no real reason. It kept me entertained while I was supposed to be researching a Biology project in the library. And then later, we had a lockdown drill (we lock all the doors and pretend there's a school shooting and such). It's usually not a pleasant happening, but Chelsea and I made funny faces in which we were pretending to be scared of the lockdown and we just had good times all around. If you'd like to see the full array of photos taken today, click.

There's nothing else I have to say, I suppose.


07:32pm This boy, he has a locker right next to mine. He has this huge duffel bag that he has to keep in his locker with all his books (keep in mind, our lockers are only about 2 feet tall and 1 foot wide). So between every class, I see him unload EVERYTHING in his locker to get to his books, and then he has to load everything again. I feel sorry for him, because this must be a major pain in the behind. So today as he was unloading, I said, "You know, I admire you for putting up with that duffel bag every day. I really do." He nodded, and I went on my way. Later in the day, we were both at our lockers again and I said cheerfully, "Time to unload!" He nodded again. I am positive that he thinks I'm annoying, and I'm starting to think he is afraid of me. But that's too bad for him, because announcing his unloading is just too much fun to handle.

05:00pm Today in Biology, this boy from Mexico kept asking me questions and I simply could not understand him. He actually knows a lot of English, but he has such a heavy accent, it was terrible. He was asking me about "booms" for about 5 minutes. I kept saying "Booms? Huh?" And he would say "Yes, booms!" Finally he opened his book and pointed to Biomes. Oops.

My Spanish teacher likes me because I laugh at her jokes. The rest of my Spanish class hates me because I laugh at her jokes. This seems unfair, because I really do find my teacher entertaining.

+ MONDAY, AUGUST 26 2002

05:32pm 3 things that made me smile today:

1. Realizing that I have been mentioned here.

2. Chelsea M drew me pictures with her new crayons in World History.

3. Today I wore my shirt that says "Mariposa Chess Club". I was waiting outside of school, waiting for my ride when I saw a boy walk by that was also wearing a shirt that said Chess Club. I was very excited by this and I said, "Hey! We're both wearing chess club shirts!" And he said, "Oh... I'm not really in a chess club." And I said, "Neither am I!" He smiled, and I was just very pleased by the whole situation.

07:18am I hope today is fun. Because this weekend has been the most fun that has been had in a long time and I don't want it to end yet.

I wonder how long I can keep not doing my homework and still maintaining an A in all my classes? Hmm.

+ SUNDAY, AUGUST 25 2002

12:04pm There are 62 new pictures up from the Running Late show. Go check em out.

Amanda and I went to the new independent film theatre last night and saw Amelie. It was good fun. I love love love that movie.


04:31pm Oh my. Last night I had so much fun, times 1,000,000. Running Late called me right before my ride came, and they told me that they were... running late (it was really amusing to hear them say that). They finally showed up at the venue (a laser tag place, ha) about 3 hours late but it was no big deal. They played so wonderfully, and I got some very good pictures. Plus, I got a song dedicated to me, and that made me smile to no end.

Afterwards, Hector (the singer) played laser tag with us, and that was the best part of the night. Even though you're supposed to play individually, Hector and I stayed together. But since we were both equally bad at the game, staying together didn't help at all. We mostly hid in a corner and threatened anyone that came by. So much fun.

I love my friends.

+ FRIDAY, AUGUST 23 2002

03:33pm I wore my homemade headband today and a security guard at my school came up to me and told me to take it off because it was a "head covering", which, at my school, is against the rules because of all the gangs and shit like that. So I said to the security guard, "Come on, do I look like a gang member to you? Look at me, I'm a total geek." He said "Whatever, take it off." And then he walked away. And then I left my head covering on my head.

I suggest that if you like a band, make every attempt that you can to meet them. Because most of them are very nice people, and when a band you love as much as I love Running Late calls you while you're at school and leaves a message on your machine "just to tell you" that they're on their way to Arizona, it makes you feel all warm inside. Not to mention cool.


07:28pm Some boys are so mean, and they make me so sad.


06:12pm I recently noticed that I have been using the word "nice" about a million times throughout what is written on this site. This is good, because that means that things are going well. But this is also bad, because I am embarassed at the amount of times this word has been used. I promise to use a thesaurus next time.

Today I had to ride the bus and I don't know what it is with me and busdrivers... but I've never had a decent busdriver in my entire life. Last year I had this one that sometimes decided to not come to work, therefore leaving us stranded at school at least one afternoon a week. I was convinced he was an alcoholic. This year, my busdriver is, in one word, a maniac. He drove over 5 curbs (I counted) and every time he turned the bus, I almost fell off my seat. I was terrified, but I felt like I was in a movie, so it was fun.

+ MONDAY, AUGUST 19 2002

06:38pm Hope everyone digs the new layout. Cuz I do.

05:15pm Here are the quotes that made the weekend seem better than it actually was:

"You think you can charge pipe? You think you can surf it for real?" -Blue Crush

"I wish I was a little bit talla, I wish I was a balla, I wish I had a girl that looked good, I would call her. I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a six fo' palla." -Skeelow (old-skool mothafucka)

"Looking for an icy treat? Pour some Kool-Aid into an ice tray and let it freeze!" -Tyler

+ SUNDAY, AUGUST 18 2002

10:37am Boy Sets Fire is playing a show here on October 2, which just so happens to be my BIRTHDAY. Excuse me, but I have to go dancing through the streets now. This is so very exciting!

+ FRIDAY, AUGUST 16 2002

06:14pm School is going reasonably well, and I am continuing to make new friends. I like my new friends a lot, and everything is just very nice right now.


06:18pm I've been meeting a lot of new people in my classes lately, and it's so nice. Lunch is still just me and Samantha, but it's actually really fun. Except that the boys we look at a lot are beginning to catch us staring, and that's not good at all.

In Journalism today, Chelsea Duncan said "Hello Chelsea" to me and I said it back to her. Then, I walked with Chelsea Williams and Chelsea Katie on my way to World History today, which is the class I have with Chelsea Marks. Is it strange that I am friends with 4 different Chelseas? Because I find it odd.


07:51pm Here are some things that happened today or yesterday that are worth talking about (and some that aren't worth talking about, but OH WELL):

- Boy Genius skipped another grade, and therefore is no longer in Chelsea M and I's World History class. (Well actually, his schedule got changed, but Chelsea M and I don't like that excuse enough. Boy Genius' reason for a schedule change must be something more magnificant than that.)

- I got tons of compliments on my newfound black hair. This was nice, because I didn't think anyone would really notice.

- I almost cried when I found out my badminton team is going to raise money for dresses as our uniforms. Like, cheerleader dresses. I swear to you, I'll quit the team before they make me dress like a cheerleader. There's just no way.

- I left a note in Amanda's locker signed "Your Secret Admirer".

- Hector from Running Late agreed to play laser tag with me and my friends next Friday when they come to Phoenix for a show. Oh, it's going to be glorious.

+ MONDAY, AUGUST 12 2002

03:58pm If I had to put today in a single word, I couldn't do it. It was exhilarating, scary, funny, and disappointing all at once. I'm going to write a lot today because no one is online. And you know that feeling that you get when something exciting happened and you just HAVE to tell someone? Well I guess this is my someone for now.

The day started out nicely. My mom drove Amanda and I to school. We went to our lockers to put our stuff away, and I had my hand on the lock when it hit me : I don't know my combination. I had it written down at home but no one was home so I couldn't do anything about it! So I just went without my books for the first day. I freaked out at first, but it really wasn't a big deal.

First hour was Advanced Journalism. I had already taken Beginning Journalism last year so I knew the teacher and everything, so that was a nice and comforting way to start the day. Next was Geometry 1-2. I have one friend in there, which is better than none, and the teacher seems very nice too. Then was Spanish 3-4. I had that teacher last year for Spanish 1-2 and as she was explaining the rules to the class, she would say things like, "Chelsea knows what I'm talking about. Right Chels?" And then all the kids would look at me and I'd have to nod my head. Fourth hour was lunch. Me and Samantha just sat at a table by ourself because there is seriously no one in our lunch hour, but we still managed to have a good time. Good ol' Sam. Fifth hour was Biology 1-2 and that class is really depressing. I don't know anyone and I just have a bad feeling about it. World History / Geography was next and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Chelsea M was in my class! And we have the grooviest teacher in the whole wide world. Waist length ponytail, Jimi Hendrix posters and everything. Oh yeah, and there's this tiny boy with big curly hair in that class. Chelsea passed me a note and said "I hope Curly is like, a boy genius or something." I really hope he is. Now, last but not least was Honors English. Amanda was in that class with me, which is definitely going to ruin my learning experience in that class. We were laughing the whole time, mainly because the teacher looks just like her boyfriend, except an old lady version of him. Just trust me, it's great.

So that was pretty much my day. Thanks for listening to my rambling nonsense.

07:12am I haven't seen a sun at 6 in the morning for months. And usually I would complain that I am up too early, but school begins in an hour and I am too excited for my own good.

+ SUNDAY, AUGUST 11 2002

01:22pm I went driving on the freeway today! Holy moley... it was pretty darn exciting, let me tell you. Except I had to keep singing Ani Difranco songs to keep myself calm. Why Ani Difranco? Frankly, I don't know.

I haven't written a song for at least a month now, but today I wrote one. Yay, no more poetry block. I was pretty pleased with myself, even though it was sort of an angry song.

I had another wierd and long dream last night. Bah!! Make it stop!!

"This plane is definitely crashing, this boat is obviously sinking, this building's totally burning down, and my, and my, and my heart is slowly dryin up." - Modest Mouse


10:06pm It's so weird to think that school starts on Monday. Like, a month ago, I was so anxious for school to start. I still am. But a month seemed so far away, and then all of a sudden, BAM. School starts. It's exciting and scary all at the same time. All of my friends (I'm not exaggerating) except for 1 got a different lunch hour than me. So I'm really upset about that, but I'll live.

Ever since my family and I went to Yellowstone, I've been having wild dreams almost every night. Not just about Yellowstone or anything like that. But it seems that almost every night I wake up and remember this really vivid and strange dream I had the night before. It's getting really annoying, because the dreams are so bizarre, I don't know what any of them mean.

+ FRIDAY, AUGUST 09 2002

07:26pm What a nice boy Eric is.

the chelsonator: so you like my site?
NeonThursday: anything you make is amazingly interesting to me
NeonThursday: i think it is cause we are both odd
NeonThursday: in a geeky rawk-on kind of way

Needless to say, his site was added here.

03:40pm I went to an open mic night last night and it was good fun. I got to see a boy sing a song he wrote about his uncle getting him drunk, a woman sing Paula Cole songs, a boy stare at Amanda all night, and everyone stare in awe of my awesome homemade headband. Okay, so I made the headband part up... but it really is pretty magnificant.

I saw a boy walk past me wearing a RX Bandits shirt so I said, "Hey! RX Bandits, right on!" And he just looked at me like I was quite possibly the stupidest person he had ever met. And I didn't think that was nice at all.

I had a dream that Kelly Osbourne was at my friend Kim's house, and Kelly was drunk, and I had to take the bus home but I got lost. This is strange.


10:41am Don't take 5 hour naps. Cuz then, when you wake up at 9 at night, you don't wanna go to bed until 4 in the morning. And then you feel all outta whack.


11:48pm ScOrEmAn3: i was thinking of tattooing flames all over my body??
the chelsonator: hahaha. i would shoot you.
ScOrEmAn3: me 2
the chelsonator: you would shoot me?
ScOrEmAn3: no. me, if i did that
the chelsonator: oh, well that is good. i mean... um... nevermind

02:14pm Today was the last day of badminton practice and I am glad. I just might be able to walk around on the first day of school. I demand that you all cross your fingers and chant "Please help Chelsea walk, please help Chelsea walk." Thank you.

I wanted to have McDonald's today for lunch, but I took one step outside and realized there was no way I could walk there. So I fixed a salad instead, which was no way near as satisfying as McDonald's would have been. Darn this Phoenix weather.

PS - My hair is black.

12:57pm New pictures.


07:55pm I can hardly walk. My muscles are so sore, it's not even funny. Well, actually it is funny, considering it is difficult to make any sort of a physical movement.

I am off to dye my hair!

+ MONDAY, AUGUST 05 2002

10:16pm Yay, my site is finally a site. See the links up there? Uh huh, everything is all working, at least I hope they work. *Does a little dance*

08:22pm I'm at Chelsea M's house and we are zooming in on pretty boys. No explanation will be made. That is all.

12:56pm Badminton rocks. I kick booty with my racket, like whoa.

+ SUNDAY, AUGUST 04 2002

09:07pm I start badminton "camp" tomorrow, which is really just going to school for 3 days from 9am-noon and practicing. It should be fun, because I'm no longer a freshman so they can't boss me around and refer to me as "frosh". Grr. I will get my revenge.

03:34pm Well, I got my wish... sort of. Our computer ended up being completely unfixable, so we had to go buy a new one. And here I am. It's purdy. It's name is Ronald The Super Duper Robot.

Yesterday was fun. Tyler and I surprised Pat at his house, then we went to McDonald's and Blockbuster. We went back to Pat's and watched The Skateboard Kid 2, which is probably the greatest movie ever made. I strongly suggest you rent it, but just to give you a preview: it's about a boy that gets a magical robot skateboard named Zeeno. If that's not Academy Award material, I simply don't know what is.

Tyler stole a memory card from his mom (nice kid!) so now my camera holds freaking 2000 pictures! I still can't believe it. Big shout-out to Ty da guy.

+ FRIDAY, AUGUST 02 2002

03:37pm Argh. I want my computer back NOW. I must have it now, or else I will... continue to do nothing about it.

Adam returns in 3 days! Amanda is back in 2! Ah, the excitement.